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Fee Schedule & Recording Procedures

2012-03-16_county_seal_288x288_transparentAny instrument or document (both Land Court & Recorded Land)  sent for recording via mail or express service must include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) in order to have the  instrument or document returned to you after recording OR  returned with a detailed letter of rejection. Any original recorded instrument or document without an appropriate SASE will be discarded within one month of recording.

The Registry of Deeds does not issue change and all recordings should be submitted with the exact amount of recording fees, as enumerated below. Any individual recording sent with a check or money order that exceeds the recording fee by more than ten dollars ($10.00) per instrument or document will be rejected and returned to the sender. Any recordings with payment amounts that exceed the recording fee by ten ($10.00) dollars or less per instrument or document may be retained by the Registry as a handling charge.

Current Fee Schedule

All Recording Fees and Surcharges are set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Legislature

Recorded Land, Land Court, Plans, & UCC Instruments

Current Consolidated Fee Schedule (Effective 12/31/2019)

Registry Copies

Current Copy Fee Schedule

State and County Deeds Excise Tax

For all deeds with consideration of $100 or greater, an Excise tax is assessed at the rate of $6.48 per $1,000.00 of stated value. To calculate the tax, multiply the stated consideration for the deed by .00648. If the stated consideration does not end in an even $500.00 or $1,000 round the consideration up to the next $500.00 and then calculate the tax. For example: If the sales price is $30,100.00 you must round up to $30,500.00 and then multiply by .00648 to calculate the tax. If the sales price is $30,600.00 then round up to $31,000.00 and then multiply by .00648 to calculate the tax. Deeds for less than $100.00 are not subject to an excise tax.

Checks for fees and excise taxes should be made out to the Barnstable Registry of Deeds. Separate checks are not required for fees and excise taxes.