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Frequently Asked Questions
The information provided below is presented for informational purposes only. If you have specific questions concerning real estate you should consult an attorney.
1. What kind of advice can I get from the Registry of Deeds about preparing documents or the status of my title?
2. How do I obtain a copy of my deed?
3. What do I need after I have paid off my mortgage?
4. How do I change title registered land?
5. How do I change title to recorded land?
6. How much does it cost to record a document at the Registry of Deeds?
7. What is the difference between recorded land and registered land?
8. My spouse died, how do I take his/her name off the deed?
9. I inherited property, do I get a deed from the Registry of Deeds?
10. I own property with a friend, who just died. Who owns it now?
11. I can't find my deed. Is that a problem?
12. What is a declaration of homestead?
13. What is a life estate?
14. Someone put a lien on my property. How do I remove it?
15. Someone owes me money, how do I put a lien on his property?
16. Where do I get a copy of my plot plan?
17. Are the rules different for recording timeshare documents than for other property documents?
18. How are names indexed in the computer?