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Free Access Viewing & Printing Instructions

All of our online indexes and instruments are free to research and view.  Charges will apply only if you wish to print a copy of a document,  We provide a credit card option to pay for printing or you can mail in your request (see FAQ 2) with the appropriate fee.  The site works best using Internet Explorer and the Browntech Image Plugin.

If using Windows 10 Edge Browser you must switch over to IE (Instructions).

**The viewing/printing process is not currently compatible with Google Chrome, the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, iPads, Smart Phones or Other similar devices.**

For Viewing a Document, please follow the instructions below.

1) Go to the Set Viewing/Printing Preferences Link on the main search menu (you will find this after clicking through to the public search page) and select your viewer.  We recommend using the Browntech Image Plugin with Internet Explorer (IE), which can be downloaded from that link.

2) If using  IE  make sure to add our website under “Tools”  “Compatibility View Settings” on your IE browser menu.  After doing so return to set viewing/printing preference link and save the Browntech Plugin as your viewer.

3) If using a browser other than IE (Safari or Firefox) you must use the Java Applet and make sure that your browser allows the applet to run and that you have the latest compatible version for your browser.  Click save on the set viewing/printing preferences page to lock in the java applet as your viewer. Beginning with Firefox 52, released in March 2017, Firefox does not support Java.  However there is a version of Firefox, Firefox 52 ESR (32 bit), that DOES support Java and will allow you to use the Java applet to view/print. To download it, click here and choose the Windows (NOT 64-bit version) or Mac OS version, depending on the machine you are using.

4) Use the main menu search options to find the document(s) you are looking for.  Select the “DOC” icon on the document abstract to prepare the document for viewing. Click View on the left hand side of the screen and your image should appear. If you have difficulty please see the FAQ’s, which address some common issues.

For Printing a Document, please follow the instructions below thoroughly to avoid errors in your request or additional charges.

1) Identify the documents, instruments or plans that you would like to print using the free public search link below and the free access option on the following page.

2) Before adding items to your print cart make sure you can view the document. If you cannot view, you will not be able to print. For help with the viewing process see above or the FAQ’s on the main menu.

3) After you have viewed the image you wish to print, select printer icon or add to cart if you would like to print more than one item. After selecting print the print cart should display or after adding items to cart select “display print cart”. If the print cart does not appear, refer to the FAQ’s regarding popup blockers as the print cart is a popup.

4) Once the print cart displays, review the cart to make sure that you want all the items contained therein.

5) Click on the “Click here to pay by credit card” link and enter your credit card and billing information (Don’t forget your email address!). Click on “Submit”.

6) On the next screen ****Make sure that you click on the “IMPORTANT!! CLICK HERE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST” link and select a printer or your documents will not print and your card will be charged.

***If your documents do not print and your credit card is charged please forward a copy of your Authorize.net confirmation email, together with a list (by Book & Page or Document Number) of what you ordered to: creditcopies@barnstabledeeds.org

Your email will be answered during normal business hours (8am to 4pm Monday through Friday excluding Holidays).

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